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Frequently Asked Questions


The word "Horticulture" scares me. Do I need to know a lot about plants to join?

Absolutely not! Along with over 300 other societies we are a member of the Ontario Horticultural Association - the provincial co-ordinating body. This is why we have to have "horticulture" in our name. In reality we are a group of people who enjoy gardening and want to learn more. We have some very knowledgeable members, but also lots of others who are just learning. If you are a new gardener this is the place for you - we will help you learn.


I would like to come to a meeting and see what it is all about, but I am not a member - can I come as a guest?

Yes, yes, yes. We always welcome guests, but you will be asked to pay a $5.00 entrance fee that helps with the cost of the facility and speaker. If you become a member you will get to hear 8 great speaker over the year for just a $15.00 membership fee.


If I joined would I have to enter flower shows?

Not at all. If you would like to do so that would be great, otherwise just look at and enjoy what others bring in for the shows.